Do you want to test a medical device? Do you want to know more about the function of a material? Do you want to know how an assembly behaves under extreme environmental conditions? Talk to us!

So many possibilities…


A 7-DOF articulated robot with power control of the 3 kg class is currently available at IMT. With this touch displays, for example, can be easily and quickly tested. In addition, the device can be used for material and sample handling as well as repeatable examinations of complex operating procedures.

Alba beim Testen eines Touch-Displays

Experimental Surgery

In experimental surgery, surgical procedures can be performed under realistic conditions. Setups and workflows are examined and optimized. The laboratory is currently under construction and features laminar airflow and lighting that is adjustable in terms of spectrum, color temperature, color


IMT has facilities for the reprocessing of medical devices that can be cleaned in accordance with standards and autoclaved. This makes it possible to test prototypes and pre-series parts for their reprocessing capability.

Mechanical Test

In the BioMedLab, we can apply loads up to 20 kN with a tension-compression testing machine and thus also increase the strength, e.g. check the creep behavior of materials, material composites and more generally biological material. With the help of a climate chamber this is also possible at temperatures between -40 and +180°C along with a wide range of humidities.

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