Medical-Mechatronic Systems

Actuators, sensors, controls - it's all there!


We develop systems and components, sensors and control technology for use on and in humans. In doing so, we consider, for example, the complete energy conversion chain for electromechanical transducers as well as material-specific possibilities and additive manufacturing processes. And last but not least, we pay attention to costs, because only affordable medical technology is available medical technology.

Core research questions

How can a "feeling of being in the middle of things" be created when using a robot in the operating theatre by integrating appropriate sensors and actuators for the detection and presentation of haptic stimuli?

By using thin and articulated structures, we reduce the size of the incisions and create systems that generate less trauma.

We are working to build high-performance, low-cost robotic systems using current manufacturing methods. To do this, we use additive manufacturing processes, injection moulding and functional integration.

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