Automated Identification of Instruments

Automated Identification of Instruments

In the operating theatre, it is the task of the assistant to put the right instrument into the hand of the operating person at the right time. This requires a high degree of concentration but also a priori knowledge about the procedure itself. We work with robotic systems that are able to recognise and manipulate surgical instruments in order to speed up procedures in the OR and make them safer by reducing mix-ups and maintaining sterility at all times.

© Kathrin Fleissner, Flakë Bajraktari, IMT Uni Stuttgart

Recognition and segmentation of surgical instruments using Mask-RCNN (left) and Yolov4 (right).

Robotic Scrub Nurse

© Jolanda Friedrich, Max Schäfer, IMT Uni Stuttgart

Robotic Scrub Nurse System for robotic assisted handling of surgical tools using an articulated arm robot and a Granular Jamming Gripper.

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