1000 Possibilities

The Institute of Medical Device Technology is equipped with different labs for research and teaching.

Experimental OR

One table - and little space:

This room is used for the practical evaluation of equipment, systems, instrumentation and interventions. Different scenarios can be presented and varied in order to examine installation and use situations with regard to technical feasibility, ergonomics or even workflow. Lighting scenarios can also be varied and laminar airflow examined. The equipment meets contemporary standards and is constantly updated.

Robotics Lab

Assistance and manipulation:

In this room, actuators, sensors, kinematics and control technology are integrated into devices and systems, built, commissioned and characterised. Matlab-based real-time computers, current bus systems and performance hardware are available. With the help of standard components, ideas can be quickly implemented and evaluated. Among other things, a 7 DOF articulated arm robot by Franka Emika is available.


Biology, Medicine, Hygiene:

Medical technology requires interaction with biological tissue. In order to handle this, closed chains for supply and disposal are necessary. The laboratory offers facilities for hygienic storage and processing of tissue samples and organs, space for microscopy and opportunities for training in medical practices. A universal testing machine (up to 20 kN) is available for testing mechanical properties. A thermo washer disinfector and autoclaves are available to test the sterilisability of products and assemblies. A heating cabinet (up to 600 °C) can be used for tests.


Manufacturing at the IMT:

A wide range of manufacturing options are available to realise laboratory set-ups and prototypes. These include 3D printing, the possibility of machining on milling machines and lathes as well as cutting and engraving MDF and plastic boards with a Trotec laser cutter.

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