TSA Actuators

A string bundle generates a tensile force when twisted.

The so-called twisted string actuator (TSA) consists of a fibre bundle and a motor that twists it along the longitudinal axis, thus shortening it. This results in a high (non-linear) transmission ratio with excellent power-to-weight ratio. In previous projects, forces of up to 900 N were achieved. The goal for the IMT are small and smallest units that can be interconnected similar to muscle fibres.

TSA in a 3x6 array.
TSA in a 3x6 array. This system exhibits muscle-like behaviour as each TSA is actuated either full or not. Each unit is individually controlled and can measure its force. [Da Souza S, Mühlbauer P, Janzen S, Liu J, Pott PP, Series and parallel actuation array of elastic micro-twisted string actuators, ETG/GMM-Fachtagung Innovative Klein- und Mikroantriebstechnik, 10.-11.09.2019, Würzburg]
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