Human-Centred Actuation Technology

People are the measure of all things!
[Photo: Peter Pott]


At the IMT, we develop high-performance drives that meet the requirements of medical technology for use on or even in humans: Small, powerful, quiet and without disturbing heat development.

Central Research Questions

Powerful miniature drives with a wide frequency bandwidth are being investigated for medical man-machine action. The aim is to combine different electromechanical conversion methods to achieve the highest possible power density and capability.

Human-machine actuators must be integrated into systems and devices that are to perform their service directly on humans. This requires small and light drives with the lowest possible heat generation.

For the trouble-free integration of drives in orthoses and exoskeletons in everyday life, noise emissions must not become too strong.  The aim is therefore to develop drives that are as suitable as possible by selecting suitable motors and gears, but also by using alternative electromechanical converter principles.

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